All of our WHMCS Themes Have Been Updated for WHMCS 7.10.0-7.10.2
All of our WHMCS Themes have been updated for full compatibility with WHMCS 7.10.0-7.10.2.

Control WHMCS Theme Version 2.5.0 Released

2nd August 2017 in Latest News, Product Updates, Support Announcements

Control WHMCS Theme version 2.5.0 was released today on 2 August 2017.

Following the addition of the “Store” menu item to the main navigation in WHMCS 7.2, a small number of customers with a large number of product categories have experienced display problems with the main navigation menu, as the theme was not built with such a large menu height in mind. To compensate for this, the main layout has been recoded using the CSS3 Flexbox method, rather than absolute positioning as was previously used. This enables the page height to dynamically increase to match the height of the main navigation and presents a better user experience.

This version also introduces the following minor updates and bug fixes:

  • Order form JavaScript improvements as introduced in WHMCS 7.2.3
  • Fixed issue with price not updating on configure product page when new market connect addons (such as SSL or website builder) are selected
  • Fixed issue whereby the domain field was shown on the configure product page even for products that did not require a domain
  • Improvements to display of all comparison order form templates on smaller screen sizes
  • Improvements to display of all slider order form templates on smaller screen sizes
  • Fixes issue with “text-left” and “text-right” alignment on RTL layout
  • Fixes syntax error in includes/navbar-main.tpl
  • Fixes syntax error in viewticket.tpl
  • Addition of “Transfer” button to homepage domain search field
  • Fixes issue with main content top border when using the max content width theme option
  • Addition of icon for user menu “Security Settings” item
  • Update to project management addon template in line with v2.0 changes

This version is compatible with WHMCS 7.2.2 – 7.2.3.

The latest theme files can be downloaded by logging in to the My Account section of our website here.

The release notes and changelog for this version can also be in the My Account section of our website here.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our online support desk.

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