All of our WHMCS Themes Have Been Updated for WHMCS 7.10.0-7.10.2
All of our WHMCS Themes have been updated for full compatibility with WHMCS 7.10.0-7.10.2.

Simplicity WHMCS Theme Version 2.1.0 for WHMCS Version 7.1.0 Released

17th December 2016 in Latest News, Product Updates, Support Announcements

Simplicity WHMCS Theme version 2.1.0 was released today on 17 December 2016.

This release introduces compatibility for WHMCS version 7.1.0. It is not compatible with older versions of WHMCS.

By far the largest change in WHMCS versin 7.1.0, from a theme/template perspective, is the way in which JavaScript and CSS resources are loaded. Whereas previously various third party JavaScript and CSS files were loaded independently, some within the theme files and some by WHMCS itself, such as jQuery, BootStrap, DataTables, BootStrap Markdown, and more, these are now all loaded within the theme files, and in the default Six theme (and order form templates) WHMCS have chosen to combine all of these various third party JavaScript and CSS files into one main minified JS file and one main minified CSS file. This change reduces the number of external requests on page load leading to improved performance and significantly faster load times.

We have taken the decision to follow suit with our own themes, and as such have moved from various individual JavaScript and CSS files to one main JavaScript file (js/scripts.min.js) and one main CSS file (css/simplicity.min.css). These files now include all third party JavaScript and CSS resources, as well as our own theme files. Non-minified versions are also provided for development/customisation purposes.

The latest theme files can be downloaded by logging in to the My Account section of our website here.

The release notes and changelog for this version can also be in the My Account section of our website here.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us via our online support desk.

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