All of our WHMCS Themes Have Been Updated for WHMCS 7.10.0-7.10.2
All of our WHMCS Themes have been updated for full compatibility with WHMCS 7.10.0-7.10.2.

Flare WHMCS Theme Version 1.1.0 Released

25th September 2016 in Latest News, Product Updates, Support Announcements

Flare WHMCS theme version 1.1.0 was released today on 25 September 2016.

This release introduces the following bug fixes and theme updates:

  • Introduces compatibility for the following official WHMCS addons:
    • Licensing Addon
    • Project Management Addon
  • Introduces compatibility for the “cPanel Extended” third party addon by Modules Garden
  • Introduces new theme options and functionality to make it easier to load a custom color scheme / stylesheet
  • Fixes issue with long emails not printing in their entirety when using print button on client area email history page
  • Changes option group labels in cart templates sidebar-categories-collapsed.tpl to use $LANG variable (allowing for translation)
  • Various updates and improvements to the underlying code base throughout all cart templates

This version is compatible with WHMCS version 6.3.1.

The latest theme files can be downloaded by logging in to the My Account section of our website here.

The release notes and changelog for this version can also be in the My Account section of our website here.

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